Workshops 2017 Summary

We offer a rich array of workshops to help nurture and support women as we rise into the fullness of our being. Choose three workshops out of the nine on offer.

NOTE: You can attend ONE workshop from each time slot.

WORKSHOP 1: Saturday 9.30am - 12.00 noon

Ancient Art and Ancestors    

Tracey Jean  Yappa                       

During this workshop we will visit the ancient mound at Dowth. As old as Newgrange Dowth is a peaceful place with secrets and stories of its own, We will explore this sacred place learn some of its stories and legends take away with us perhaps  an inspiration an idea or an image to create a memory stone of our own as a keepsake..


I am anImaginative and Creative Artist, with many years’ experience in a wide range of artistic techniques, I have also lectured on permaculture, and led guided wildflower and nature walks. I am accomplished in the communication and sharing of techniques and knowledge to community groups of all ages. I have studied sculpture, fine art, and a wide variety of crafting techniques, a passion for the natural world has led to life long learning on many of the diverse expressions of our beautiful Earth  I hold an open college network level 3 certificate in facilitation skills, and a  National Diploma in Graphic Design, I am also a self-employed crafter, and published illustrator.  The making and sharing of art often inspired by nature is a lifelong passion, a journey of constantly unfolding magic, colour, and beauty, through which I express my temporal, and spiritual 

Connecting with Pure Purpose

Joan O'Donnell

Being with ourselves, recognizing interconnectedness, embracing passion and purpose.

What if we couldn’t avoid being connected, to ourselves, each other, to our passions and our purpose? There is no way to avoid interconnectedness, relationship, discomfort, disharmony, just as there is no way to avoid purity and passion.

In this workshop, we will look at the systems within which we live and create a safe place to draw clear boundaries around what serves us, and what no longer works for us. Out of this gap, purity of purpose emerges. We will use movement and mapping to embrace our inherent ability to be with ourselves.


I have extensive facilitation experience in creating social change using systems thinking. I have worked with the not for profit sector for over 20 years. I have worked as a counsellor, art teacher, lecturer, facilitator, and external supervisor. I hold an MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice. My own personal passion has brought be to extensively study 5 Rhythms and Open Floor Movement.  I have also studied Social Presencing Theatre and Theory U. I am committed to enhancing our capacity to live with our own complexity and complexity in the world so that we can lead ourselves into more purposeful places, with passion and commitment.

I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me.

Bettina Peterseil

Let’s open our hearts, take our pens and explore our inner landscape.

We will use the tool of writing to explore the theme of passion, purpose and purity. What place do they have in our life? What are the obstacles? You will be introduced to some poetry and other gentle exercises conducive to open the door to your soul and get in touch with yourself, unexpressed longings and unanswered questions. No previous writing experience is necessary to take part just an open heart, a willingness to explore and to go beneath the 

surface and share yourself with others.



Bettina Peterseil  moved 33 years ago from the continent to the West of Ireland  where she built her home from scratch together with her husband and tended the land and planted many trees and  has educated her children at home. In the past she has facilitated many soul writing workshops in various formats and based on various themes within the community and further afield. She loves to inspire other people to go within, to open their heart and soul and express themselves from that place, find greater clarity and access their own inner answers and find deeper understanding on how to live their lives and gain insights and all this with just the willingness of making time for themselves,to go within and the  simple tool of writing .

Bettina has recently published  a poetry compilation called’ for crying out loud-voice of an exile.


WORKSHOP 2: Saturday 2.30pm - 5pm

 Crystal Healing - Harnessing the Earth's energy.

This Workshop is now fully booked please choose from the other options available.

 Geraldine McGovern

Use crystals to help realise your life’s purpose and passion.

Crystals came from deep within the earth and some may have grown in caves or other places in the earth.  In this workshop we will use our wondrous location of Newgrange to pick our personal stone (crystal) and meditate, tapping into the earth’s magnetic field.   We will harness this energy to help us realise our life’s purpose and passion. 

We will also discover more about crystals, their meaning, the different healing methods that they can be incorporated into and how they can help us in everyday life situations.

We will work both indoors and outdoors to utilize the power of our surroundings.


Geraldine holds a Crystal Healing Diploma and is a Silver Member of both “The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists” and “The International Association of NLP and Coaching”.

She is a qualified Advanced Reiki Practitioner and is a Member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland.  Geraldine is also a Seichem Master.She is a qualified Angel Card and Tarot Card Reader Geraldine enjoys helping people to facilitate healing within and to connect with their inner selves to help make important decisions. Whilst always intuitively knowing she had a psychic ability, it has only been in the last two years that she has progressed to openly using her abilities to work with family and friends in the holistic area and has now set up her own practice called “Reiki Retreat”


Recalling the Goddess

Hayley Fox-Roberts

Exploring personal representations of the Goddess within us.

This workshop explores ways in which we manifest the Goddess within us and on bringing our personal power to the fore. A combination of techniques will be used: creative visualisation leads participants into the creation of a poem for many voices and to share, as performance, this is a shared vocal experience. Participants will also be invited to create a physical representation of their own Goddess using natural and found materials which will be provided. The workshop enables women to own these techniques for future use and copies of the final poem for many voices will be made available to participants.


Hayley Fox-Roberts  is a poet, hypnotherapist and creative trainer whose primary focus is in equality and women’s rights. She has , delivered workshops in a wide variety of settings – arts, community, health and women’s events. She has been performing poetry for over 30 years in Ireland and the UK and has focused her training work on the use of words as a tool for enlightenment and change. She is currently studying for her Masters in Sexuality Studies and Dublin City University.

Women's Circles! and Circle Dances

Derrie McGahon


Circle dancing women! A circle of support and celebration. 

This workshop offer a safe space to use circle dance as a means to explore your purpose, passion and purity. What do these words mean for you and for women meeting in a circle to dance together. We will allow the movement of the dance to support us so we can then support each other on our personal journeys and our shared journey in the circle. 


Circle dancing has brought joy, laughter, tears and gentle but powerful healing to myself and to others who I have had the privilege to dance with in many circles.  I enjoy all types of dancing, singing, meditation and spending time outside in the natural world. Circle dancing drew me in to a peaceful and sacred place of joy and connectedness, opening to a gentle healing by just showing up with an open heart and joining the dance, flowing with each dance as it asks nothing more of me than to let go and be in the dance. Circle dances can be energetic and lively or more meditative, gentle and reflective. The aim always is to experience the joy of dancing with others and to create a sense of well-being and togetherness. Teaching and dancing happen in a supportive, fun and relaxed atmosphere.                               

I have regular (weekly and fortnightly) circle dance workshops in Co. Leitrim and Co Sligo, I also run a number of day workshops. I am happy to travel a little further afield to already established groups.                          


WORKSHOP 3: Sunday 9.30am - 12.00 noon

Go out and Find Your Omen!

Bee Smith


Words have power. Give them your energy!

Signs, metaphor, the energy of nature, weather, the cycles of the seasons:                                 These are the auguries.  Let your words give them power. Affirm your passion. Define your purpose, clarify purity. Bring an enquiring mind, an open heart, a comfortable pen and an aesthetically pleasing journal to express them in a creative workshop held in sacred space. Suitable for beginner’s mind writers and more experienced writers, the workshop will use a series of prompts or inspirational ‘sparks’ to explore the weekend’s themes and how they actualize in one’s life.


Bee Smith is a Word Alchemy creative writing workshop facilitator  in West Cavan. She is a member of the Irish Art Council’s Writers in Prison panel and routinely runs workshops in prison. While nurturing individual work, creative collaborations are also a feature of her workshops, which may include nature walks or other activities to strike a spark.  She has co-authored two poetry collections and other writing projects. She has published poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction and blogs for the past twenty years. She is author of “Brigid’s Way: Reflections on the Celtic Divine Feminine.”



Please Note This Workshop Choice is Now  Fully Booked and No Longer Available.

Rise and Shine

Sherrie Scott

Sherrie Scott

Cleanse your Mind Body Spirit, and re-weave your creative purpose.

A workshop full of re-energising exercises, meditation and creativity.

Like a river we meander through a Cleanse, Connect inwards and realign into Life’s Purpose.

As a Biomagnetic therapist I work daily to rebalance the PH within the body to maintain wellbeing. 

What to bring: A lemon, a notebook and pen, a yoga mat and blanket a open heart and mind



Sherrie Creates Ceremonies, Rites of passage, and workshops that blend meditation, art and healing together. Her group work is about inspiring each persons Creative, spiritual and personal power & facilitate the group to give form to their unique creative energy. Since 1999 Sherrie's work has grown into a Tapestry of Celebration, Weaving , Creativity & Energetics, Laughter Yoga & Creative Writing. Felting, Costume, & Ceremony, Grief work, Painting Story & Song, Movement & Groovement, Herbs & Scents, Rubs & Scrubs, all created anew with each new group. Sherrie has trained with Dr, Isaaac Goiz Duran in Biomagnetic therapy, Sli an Chroi, The Four Winds, An Craobh Airgid, Indigenous Shamans in Peru, Brighid's Healing Herbal School, Judith Hoad, Sean Colins, Health crisis counselling, Reiki Ani Dolma, Kate O'Shea, Louise Hay & Marie Perret, Art Synthesis.

Rooted in Passion Flowering in Purity.

Claire Louise Knifton

Revitalizing our lives through intention movement and dance.

With our intention of renewing our lives with passion and purpose we move and dance to arise and bloom anew remembering our true essence of purity.

We dance on our own, we dance with each other, we take time to rest and remember who we really are.  We bring our inner world into our hearts and our bodies and shine our light arising from the muddled mire like the Lotus Flower.

This is an invitation to your dance, to reinvent the possibilities in your life, to expand your horizons and capacity for wellbeing, joy and love and all without the need for words!


I am a Facilitator of Vital Development, Mindful Movement and Dance and Dancing The Rainbow who has danced passionately since the age of 2 years!

Previously a Counsellor now  practising as a Clairvoyant and Psychic Consultant I bring my love of the esoteric to my dance workshops, inviting the Ancestors, Spirit and The Angels to accompany us as we journey into altered states in the dance.

Born in London I have lived in rural County Sligo for the last 18 years with my 3 amazing children who are gradually flying the nest causing their Mother to test her own wings in new directions once more! 


A choice of 3 Workshops out of 9

We offer a full weekend programme, but with plenty of breathing space and time to relax. Throughout the weekend you are welcome to take part in an ongoing collaborative creative project.

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