Wise Woman Weekend 2017 Will take place at Newgrange Lodge Donore County Meath    from the 5th - 7th May 2017

 Newgrange Lodge is located in the heart of the Boyne Valley,
the Lodge is a restored farmhouse reimagined into a beautiful luxury hostel overlooking the spectacular and magical site of Newgrange and the Bru Na Boinne visitors centre.

Wise Women Wise Woman Weekend is a weekend festival for women of all ages that gives us space to explore, value, and develop ourselves. It offers women a chance to explore creativity, spirituality, health, well-being and to celebrate nature and nurture ourselves. The weekend begins and ends with ceremony and ritual, creating a sacred space for all that unfolds.

The theme for 2017 is:  

Passion Purpose & Purity!

All of our facilitators and workshops will be carefully selected to reflect this theme. Whether you are interested in creativity, discussion, art, movement, meditation, or reflection, we hope you will find something special during your weekend with us. 

"Wise Woman Weekend was a therapeutic space for me; time out to relax and share in a beautiful environment; a supportive link in my life."
"Wise Woman Weekend gave me courage and strength to face the challenges in my life."
“Wise Woman Weekend helps you reboot your inner self in freshness!” 
"A very well organised event. Thank you to everyone who put time, effort and love into this."



A choice of 3 Workshops out of 9

We offer a full weekend programme, but with plenty of breathing space and time to relax. Throughout the weekend you are welcome to take part in an ongoing collaborative creative project.

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